Communities of Practice

Engage with 6 communities of practice over 18 months to immerse in current practice and theory.

Open to all, this sequence of sessions will allow schools to engage meaningfully in evidence-based practice relating to the high quality teaching of literacy, what it looks like in practice and sharing best practice across our region.

Purpose of the communities of practice network meetings

  • To build a community of practice, which provides a forum for practitioners to share good practice and explore solutions to common issues, including those relating to transition
  • To provide structured, focused and meaningful opportunities for participants to explore evidenced-based research, case studies and effective practice, and relate this to their own context and literacy priorities
  • To build leadership capacity within each area by positioning local literacy specialists supporting the targeted schools at the forefront of delivery and exemplification
  • To promote sustainability of such a forum post-project, by providing a model of delivery, and growing future local leaders of a community of practice

Key Contact:

Developing vocabularyTuesday 6th February 2024Wednesday 13TH March 2024
Developing readingMonday 15th July 2024Tuesday 11th June 2024
Developing writingWednesday 13th November 2024Monday 4th November 2024
End of project eventJanuary 2025January 2025
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