Culture of Reading

A programme of activity embracing school and community-based events to inspire a passion for reading.

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Booksparks has been devised as the new citywide reading for pleasure strategy planned as part of the overall Priority Literacy offer . It aims to boost the profile of reading for pleasure, support raising attainment and engage schools with and signpost to a range of literacy and reading partners, organisations and authors across the cities to support the creation of a real community of reading.

Planned activity consists of a range of components to complement the work of the main aspects of Priority Literacy and already existing projects and programmes in the cities.

All schools will be universally offered the opportunity to engage with reading activities across the duration of the project to support in developing their reading for pleasure vision. 

Activity will continue throughout the project, our plans include:

  • A menu of active ingredients to support growing your reading culture in school
  • Calendar of local and national literature/reading events and activities
  • Targeted book awards
  • Resources to support teacher/librarian development
  • City Readathon
  • Development of volunteer reading opportunities

Engagement will continue with links to holiday and summer reading initiatives and community events.

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Open to identified secondary schools and will book stock provided by DANCOP, the following initiatives aims to introduce new books and authors to students and support reading attainment and promote reading for pleasure.

Chapter Chasers – Yr 7 & Yr 8

A book challenge aimed at Y7 and 8 students!

Introducing 10 great new titles, students borrow, read and discuss each book supported by resources and challenges to encourage their engagement including a range of online

author events to attend. Students vote for their favourite Chapter Chasers book!

Book Alert – Yr 9

A book challenge aimed at Y9 students! 9 great books to inspire and motivate more able students to become more active readers. Supported by resources and videos. Developing and supporting RfP, and reading stamina.

Page Pals – Yr 10

A book/reading group initiative to support schools in setting up a book group for Y10 students. Providing sets of accessible guided group reading books aimed at students who may be more reluctant readers.

Supporting resources – private page

A page of the Priority Literacy website had been created to act as a resources bank for these projects. Documents mentioned below are now available to download on this password protected webpage for targeted schools:

Please take care not to share these outside your school community.

Sports & Literacy


Premier League Reading Stars

A 10-session reading intervention created to increase engagement and progress levels in reading for pupils in Year 5 and 6.

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Game Changers

A 20-week reading programme, designed specifically for students in years 7-9 who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.


A 10-week programme designed specifically for girls aged 11-14 who have been excluded or are at risk of exclusion from mainstream education.

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